55LBS Compound Bow MK-B-CB50GC-KIT




55LB Compound Bow with Green camo, Riser and Black Limb Kit. This compound bow for youth and adults has a draw length of 19-29 inches and a draw weight of 30-55 lbs. By default, the bow comes with 27" draw length and 50lbs draw weight. The adjustment of draw length and draw weight is easily possible without a bow press by means of screws on the cam module. The bow has a threaded bushing for stabilizer and a threaded socket for an arrow rest (both in bow standard thread 5/16 "x 24 UNF). Supplied with a pin sight and with a simple arrow rest. The bow comes with a pre-assembled string suppressor, cable slide, and a cable guard. The string is equipped with string silencers as well.


  • 296 Feet Per Second (fps)
  • Length of the arc: about 29" (74cm)
  • Draw weight: 29-55lbs
  • Draw length: 19-29" (48-74cm)
  • Axle to axle : 28"
  • Weight: 1,3kg / 3.3lbs
  • Let off 70%
  • Limbs: Fiberglass composite
  • Handle: Aluminum
  • Recommended Arrows: 30" aluminum or fiberglass
  • Right-hand bend (left-hand holds the bow, right-hand holds the arrow)
  • Simple arrow rest
  • Sight with one goal pin
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