Opinei 7VRI Trekking Knife Cyan Blue




This Opinel Trekking No. 7 stainless steel pocket knife was designed by Opinel for trekkers, campers and hikers. This pocket knife is 17,5 cm long and weighs only 35 grams. It is, for instance, perfect when peeling an apple or making a sandwich. A true all-rounder you want to keep close! The knife is also enhanced with a leather strap at the back to make sure you can attach your knife to something,

The knife has a Virobloc lock, also called a ring lock. In the case of a Virobloc the hinges of the blade are firmly locked by the ring. This type of lockings system is controlled with two hands to make sure your fingers won't get anywhere near the cutting surface. The ring is also used to block the knife when closed. With a drop of oil you can make sure the ring will keep turning smoothly.

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