DPT Rimfire 5 baffle Suppressor




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DPT is proud to release the new range of modular Rimfire suppressors. 100% aluminium, bead blasted and anodized matte black. This configuration has 5 baffle modules making it perfect for a .22magnum or 17HMR rifle. remove two baffles and it becomes a .22LR suppressor, remove two more baffles and you have a very short .22 sub suppressor. Only takes seconds to disassemble and clean. 30.8mm diameter with 5 baffle modules, 154mm long and 105 grams with 3 baffle modules 120mm long and 80 grams with 1 baffle modules 72mm long, 48 grams.
Threads available 1/2-20 UNF, 1/2-28 UNEF, 12x1 & 13x1
Suppressor is muzzle forward Additional baffles can be purchased, they are 12.5grams in weight and add 17mm to the total length of the suppressor. Lighter for size reference Designed and cnc machined in Hamilton by DPT Machinists

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