Hardy Covert Suppressor




Introducing the Hardy Covert Suppressor. A highly effective fusion of our Stealth and Compact suppressors; the same awesome sound reduction of the Stealth (26-30db) but in a smaller lightweight size (150mm muzzle forward, 50mm over barrel). Weighing in at 365gms, it doesn't get lighter than this for such an effective suppressor!

 The shortened profile of the Covert will compliment either your bush gun or competition rifle without sacrificing performance. No interference with your stock when running a short barrel and more convenient to have installed over thicker barrels. The Covert offers huge performance without affecting manoeuvrability.

 Perfect for hunting, perfect for the range, perfect for competing.

 Look after your hearing, take the advantage and achieve the results. No compromise.

 5 Year limited Warranty

*Please note this product requires a Police Form found here*

SKU: CT-05

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