Grangers Wash & Repel 2 in 1 300ml




Unique to Grangers.  Now using Acrylic Polymer Technology in place of C6 FC, Wash + Repel still delivers cleaning and proofing in one wash cycle.
Powerful cleaning action combined with the water repellency of APT enhances the performance of all water proof garments whilst saving time, energy and water.
Perfect for regular maintenance of your favourite outdoor kit.
Wash + Repel does require heat activation, ideally via a low temperature tumble drier.
Wash + Repel utlilises Granger's new Acrylic Polymer Technology.
APT is a Granger's formulated blend of synthetic fluorocarbon-free polymers developed to provide a highly breathable DWR finish which closely matches the real world water repellency and durability of existing fluorocarbon-based proofers.
Energy saving. Uses only one wash cycle.
Great for GORE-TEX®, EVENT®

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