Grangers Clothing Repel 300ml




Formulated to restore the water-repellent finish found on outdoor clothing.
Fluorocarbon-free and environmentally responsible.
Best when applied to a clean garment – we recommend using Grangers Performance Wash.
Suitable for use on all Gore-Tex® and eVent garments.
Effective without heat activation.
A bluesign® system approved product. 
Grangers Clothing Repel is a wash-in product designed to restore the water-repellent finish found on all outdoor and technical clothing.
All water-repellent clothing and equipment needs regular maintenance if it’s to continue working at its best. Unfortunately, time, dirt and even regular wear can all inhibit a garment’s ability to repel water, leaving you wet, cold and uncomfortable. Washing garments regularly with a specialist detergent – such as Grangers Performance Wash – can help, but even the cleanest fabric will eventually need a fresh water-repellent treatment.
Based on an environmentally responsible fluorocarbon-free technology, Grangers Clothing Repel restores the water-repellent finish to your garments, leaving you fully protected outdoors. Safe to use in domestic washing machines, Clothing Repel has been designed to provide maximum protection without requiring heat activation.
Grangers Clothing Repel is suitable for use on all outdoor and technical fabrics, and is perfect for restoring the water-repellent finishes found on all Gore-Tex® and eVent garments. 

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