Ledlenser HF8R Signature Headlamp




Experience unparalleled innovation with the Ledlenser HF8R Signature, featuring patent-pending Adaptive Light Beam Technology for automatic dimming and focusing, and the Digital Advanced Focus System for precise control.

Adaptive Light Beam technology – Dims and focuses automatically adjusting the beam as you focus on wider open areas or closer tasks.
Slim and low profile design – Discreet design ensures a lightweight and comfortable fit. 
Uncompromised spatial awareness – Integrated battery position reduces accidental impacts of the headlamp. 
Smart Light Technology (SLT) – Offers 6 different light functions (boost, high, mid, low power, SOS & strobe).
Ledlenser Connect App – Bluetooth smartphone connection, set up your headlamp exactly how you want it using the (paid) Ledlenser connect app.
RGB Light – With additional red, green, and blue options, the headlamp helps preserve night vision and aids in tracking and animal watching.
Stepless tilting lamp head – Effortlessly adjust the headlamp up to 45° to your desired angle for optimal illumination.
Digital Advanced Focus System – Achieve seamless focusing with ease using our patent-pending Digital Advanced Focus system. Fine-tune your light beam effortlessly by simply turning the front rotary switch, allowing for precise customisation of your illumination.
Magnetic Charge System – For quick and easy recharging. Recharges in 270 minutes via magnetic contacts.
Battery indicator, Charge indicator, Low battery warning – Makes it easy to manage your battery life.
Connect adaptor – This convenient accessory allows you to easily remove the headlamp from the bracket, providing flexibility and precise control over the direction of the light beam.
IP68 – Resistant to continuous immersion in water.
Transportation lock – Prevents the light from being switched on by accident – great in a pack.
Backup mode – When the battery power of the headlamp drops below 25%, it automatically switches to a reduced output mode, conserving battery life for extended use.
Memory function – Headlamp will return to the last light setting used.
Temperature control system – Ledlenser headlamps will never get hot or overheat, regardless of how much you use them. 
Silicone comfort pad – Attaches to the reverse side of the headlamp providing a cushioned layer, easily removed for cleaning. 


Brightness (Boost):            2000 lumens
Brightness (High):              900 lumens
Brightness (Mid):               300 lumens
Brightness (Low):               20 lumens
Beam Range (Boost):         220m
Beam Range (High):          200m
Beam Range (Mid):           100m
Beam Range (Low):           25m
Burn Time (High):               3.5 hours
Burn Time (Mid):                10 hours
Burn Time (Low):               90 hours
Water/Dust resistance:       IP68
Weight:                               194g
Batteries:                            Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V 3700 mAh (included)
Light Functions:                 Blink, Boost, Power, Mid Power, Low Power, S.O.S., Strobe
Recharge time:                  4.5 hours
Also in the box:                 Silicone comfort pad, Connect adapter, Magnetic charging cable                                                     (USB- C), Universal mounting bracket
Technologies:                    Temperature control system, Magnetic charge system, Adaptive Light                                              Beam, Emergency light, Bluetooth Ledlenser Connect App, Cooling                                                technology, Digital Advanced Focus System

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