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To be honest, we were initially sceptical that a natural deo could work. Surely all they do is just mask the smell, right? But after about a decade with one of us (no naming, no shaming) being rather stinky, no matter which roll-on was used, anything was on the cards for trying.

Much formulating later and the results were mind-blowing. Plenty of refining and testing followed, along with packaging experimentation so we could bring you our eco-friendly tubes. And THAT is the backstory to developing this deo!

A Hunters Deodorant!! đź¦Ś Unscented, plastic free, lightweight and Made in New Zealand

Stealth Mode Deodorant For Hunters

All your best hunting equipment may be of little use if the deer’s keen nose smells your underarm odour on the swirling air.

"Staying downwind” sounds fine, but if you don’t know where the deer are then how can you stay downwind…?

With Stealth Mode deodorant you can shift the balance in your favour

Cut out your main source of body odour

•Compostable cardboard tube

•Eco-friendly (plastic-free)

•Full size or mini size (mini from mid 2023)

•Unscented - no fragrance to give you away

•Can be used on feet too…

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