Mighty Mix 3KG Dog Roll

Mighty Mix



4.3 Feeds per Roll for a 25kg Active Dog

All the good stuff your dog needs, with no added fillers. Mighty Mix dog roll contains pork, beef and mutton along with a natural mix of ingredients, vitamins and minerals to keep your dog in optimum condition.
There’s no preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. As it’s an all-natural product, it needs to be kept frozen until opened and then refrigerated for up to 14 days. Dogs find our dog roll particularly palatable as it has a high meat content. It is formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for all life stages, it provides a balanced and complete diet for dogs of all breeds and ages.
Mighty Mix Dog Roll provides a nutritious alternative feeding option to give variety within your dog’s diet.

Benefits of feeding Mighty Mix Dog Roll to your dog:

Low cereal dog food option – Mighty Mix Dog Roll is a low cereal option and utilises only whole grain cereal. It has less than 20% of whole grain cereal in a roll, just enough to aid healthy digestion.
High energy from unprocessed meat fats – fats are important for energy consumption and are the most readily digestive energy source for dogs.
Mighty Mix uses a mix of natural super foods which are rich in micro-nutrients. Having these nutrients in natural foods means your dog can digest them easily and gain maximum nutrition. Mighty Mix Dog Roll is formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for all life stages. This means your dog gets a balanced and complete diet, from puppy to old age.
Supports Local – Mighty Mix Dog Roll is made right here in New Zealand. So, when you buy Mighty Mix, you’re supporting our country’s national and local economies. 

Feeding Dog Roll to Puppies:

Mighty Mix Nourish dog biscuits are our recommended product for puppies combined with dog roll, both are complete foods suitable for all life stages. We recommended that you feed no more than 50% of their diet as dog roll and the other half should be Mighty Mix Dog Biscuits.
When feeding soft foods such as dog roll, puppies can easily gorge themselves and overeat. Puppies should be allowed to self-feed, but within reason. What that means is that puppies should have as much as they want in about ten minutes each feeding. If the puppy eats all you gave it in a couple of minutes give more food inside that ten-minute feed time. If the puppy is a gulper, you may need to feed them more often but a lower quantity in each feed. Mighty Mix don’t recommend to free feed by leaving food down all the time, this can help avoid overeating.


Pork, beef, mutton, water, wholegrain cereal, honey, apple cider vinegar, garlic, flaxseed flour, kelp, green-lipped mussel, eggs, vitamins and minerals.

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