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Custom Shooter Ready MYTH

It's not very often that something comes into your life and changes the way you have done things for 30+ years and leaves you with egg on your face. Up until April this year I was a die hard 308 fan and don't get me wrong the 308 is a fantastic caliber, but as time goes by things evolve and improve. It all started in March with a conversation with Dave McBeth from Shooter Ready based in Cambridge . I needed some ammo for our existing rifles as we had a group of hunters from Texas coming over for...

November 4, 2023

Custom Shooter Ready STALK Hunter


August 7, 2023

Rossi .22 WMR Compact Build

Written by Matt Dunham Rossi rimfires are known for being a good entry level rifle due to their generously low price point. They may not perform as well as a top class rimfire but no one comes close in terms of performance for price. The Rossi I’ve been using is a semi auto .22 WMR (.22 Magnum) with a barrel cut down to 13.5“ with a DPT over barrel suppressor, that comes right back to the stock, and a Kilwell 3-9x 40 scope on top. A Shooter Ready "Dave" special. The build is a compact all ro...

July 12, 2021

Winchester Wildcat .22 semi auto review

Written by Matt Dunham  This week I have been using the Winchester Wildcat semi-auto .22. To start off, it has been a fun week. It is a highly enjoyable gun that I would add to the collection rather than replace any of my current guns and I will explain why. What’s new about this gun: It has a fast release mag capability by pulling the red stripe on the side backward. This saves you from having to reach under and use the traditional flip clip against the mag. It’s a small but enjoyable ...

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