Grangers Gear Cleaner Spray 275ml




A spray-on cleaner suitable for use on all clothing, footwear, and outdoor equipment.
Formulated to clean all garments and gear.
Protects existing water-repellent finishes.
Can be used to prepare a garment for future waterproofing treatments.
A bluesign® system approved product.
Grangers Gear Cleaner is a spray-on product designed to clean all outdoor garments, footwear, and equipment.
Whether you have a jacket that needs to be spot-cleaned, or a dirty rucksack that isn’t machine washable, caring for your outdoor kit is often more complicated than simply loading up the washing machine. Of course, handwashing your kit is always an option, but completely immersing your garments in regular laundry detergents might inhibit your gear’s technical features.
Fortunately, Grangers Gear Cleaner has been designed to work with the specialist materials that make up your garments, footwear, equipment, and accessories. It gently removes dirt and neutralises odours without damaging any inherent water-repellency that might be present.
Grangers Gear Cleaner is suitable for use on all types of clothing, footwear, and equipment, including anything with a Gore-Tex® or eVent membrane. It is also ideal for preparing a garment for fresh waterproofing treatments. 

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